We make glass in bulk so that it can be used by glaziers and fabricators to suit almost any use they need. We call these stock laminates. Essentially, they are big sheetsof glass bonded together with a polymer interlayer, and we’d like to share with you how we make them happen! 


Laminating glass is the process of bonding two or more sheets of glass together, with an interlayer in between. As you might have guessed – all the glass in our range of stock laminates is laminated.  

Our stock laminates are sold out into the market as stock sheets which can be subsequently cut to the sizes and shapes needed for specific applications. In essence, they are a way of getting safety glass out into the hands of glaziers and fabricators in a form that they can modify themselves on site and even off the back of the truck if necessary. (This is in contrast to toughened glass, which is made in a toughening furnace and can’t be altered thereafter – so needs to be made in the right shape and size from the outset.)

Put simply, the laminating process creates glass which holds itself together if broken (rather than falling in a heap on the floor). Used appropriately it can act as a safety glass to protect people and possessions. Bulk laminate sheets offer a way making these properties available out in the market in a form which can be cut and shaped to the demands of specific projects.

 So that’s how you make stock laminates, what about everything else?

The stock glass is a great start, but if you’re wondering about how we make the kind of glass that is perfectly suited to specific spots in the home or office, that takes a little more work, contact us for more information.